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Bring a friend!

Escrit per British School el 4 d'Agost de 2020 en la categoria Noticias


Bring a friend! -- British School's Bring a Friend offer means that if you recommend us, you will receive a 44-euro discount on the cost of your course and your friend will receive free books. Best of all, the offer is cumulative, so if you bring 2 friends, you get an 88-euro discount and both your friends get free books. The only conditions are that both students must pay for the full course and the offer does... seguir llegint

The real difference between some and any.

Escrit per British School el 28 d'Agost de 2018 en la categoria Uso del inglés


The real difference between some and any. -- Textbooks generally present the difference between some and any with the rule, 'Use some for positive sentences and any for negatives and questions.' And everyone's happy. The teacher's happy because he's given a simple explanation of something students often have trouble with and the students are happy because they have a simple rule to follow and they'll never make a mistake with some and any... seguir llegint

Congratulations, Sergi!

Escrit per British School el 21 d'Agost de 2017 en la categoria Noticias


Congratulations, Sergi! -- Congratulations to Sergi Fernández who has passed the C2 Proficiency exam with a grade B. This is a massive and very well-deserved achievement after all his hard work over the past 11 years. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours, Sergi. Don't forget to visit! All the best from everyone at British School. seguir llegint

The Madhouse

Escrit per British School el 3 de Novembre de 2016 en la categoria Students' work


The Madhouse -- Once upon a time there was a madhouse. During this time, the craziest was Lalius. She killed all of her family. Her daughter’s name was Limonade. Limonade knew that her mum was crazy and she said to her grandparents but her mum heard her parents speak and she thought that she had to kill them because they wanted to call the... seguir llegint

The Exorcist

Escrit per British School el 3 de Novembre de 2016 en la categoria Students' work


The Exorcist -- Once upon a time there was a madhouse on the outskirts of Tarragona town. In 1973 there was an exorcist who wanted to do an exorcism on a patient. The patient was demonically possessed.  Just as he was starting the exorcism, the patient woke up and started to strangle the doctor. The patient ran out of the room and started to kill... seguir llegint

The Lovely Face

Escrit per British School el 28 d'Octubre de 2016 en la categoria Students' work


The Lovely Face -- Once upon a time there was a really vain girl. One day after school the girl started to walk because the bus had broken. The weather was cold and windy. She continued walking on the road, next to a corn field, where there was a red house, probably of a farmer or abandoned farm. While she was approaching the house, the wind was... seguir llegint

September 2016 PET Exam Skills

Escrit per British School el 22 d'Agost de 2016 en la categoria Noticias


September 2016 PET Exam Skills -- British School is offering PET Exam Skills classes from Tuesday 6 until Thursday 29 September in preparation for the PET exam on 8 October 2016.   The course will focus on exam techniques and strategies and is intended for B1/Intermediate level students who would like the opportunity to hone their exam skills. Times and Prices   Tuesday and Thursday 17:30-19:00   Total number of class... seguir llegint


What's the difference between 'deal with' and 'cope with'? -- Firstly, to deal with means: 1 - to take action to do something, especially to solve a problem (In these cases it is not possible to use cope with). Nick's parents had to deal with the mess his friends had made of the living room. Record companies haven't yet found a way to deal with Internet piracy. Nina's responsible for dealing with customer complaints. 2 - to accept and control a difficult... seguir llegint

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